Betsi’s Page

Letter dates and locations

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Basic info and our specific interactions

  • My current CV
  • My cover letter (rough draft)
  • My research philosophy (rough draft)
  • My teaching philosophy (rough draft)
  • My service philosophy (rough draft)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • The published version of Bathroom Banter (the content analysis you closely helped me with)
  • I AI’d T205 during FA2011 with Elizabeth Kwon (link to your evaluation of me)
  • We’ve known each other since I started the MA program in FA2008
  • I think I was in the first grad class during your first year as Grad Director with Katie Birge, Ji Won Kim, James Ball, and Sujin Choi
  • I’ve taken your T510 content analysis during FA2009 (Bathroom Banter final paper) and T602 Viz Com during FA2011 (Real Ideal body image paper went out for review and now is back in data analysis/write-up)
  • I’ve guest lectured for you three times. Twice on Video games: Content, effect, and concerns in T205 (Apr 2011 and Nov 2011) and once on Violence, morality, and enjoyment of video games in T205 (Nov 2012)

My research

  • I research the processing and effects of video game violence
  • I’m interested in the intersection between moral psychology and media processing and effects
  • I often try to use evolutionary and social psychology to inform my work
  • I currently have 2 publications (one open access)
  • I have 1 published abstract
  • I have 3 articles under review
  • I’ve had 9 conference papers accepted (w/one award; see below)
  • I’ve had 3 conference panels accepted
  • I’ve been a research assistant for 3 semesters at IU (1.5 years)

My teaching

  • Of the 10 semesters of being an AI, 5 of those had discussion sections (2.5 years)
  • I’ve also given 10 guest lectures during my time at IU

My service

  • I’ve reviewed for the Cyberpsych, Networking, and Behavior journal twice
  • I’ve reviewed for the Human Ethology Bulletin journal once
  • I’ve reviewed for three different conferences
  • I’ve been the GPSO rep for one year
  • I’ve served the department in the following roles: faculty rep, webmaster for the ICR, faculty search committee rep, I lead an AI training session two years, I’ve meet with potential grad students and faculty at lennies for the last 5 semesters


  • I won the COAS diss fellowship ($20K)
  • I earned a 4 year merit fellowship ($1K per annum)
  • I won 2nd place student paper for MC&S at AEJMC in 2014 ($75)
  • I won a COAS travel award ($250)


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