How to setup Open Broadcaster Software for recording video game play

How-to record video game play (or any activity) on a PC using open broadcaster software
Note: I made these instructions using OBS v.0.651b

1. Download the program

2. Read and follow the instructions on this page and expand the section “Spoiler: Encoding and Broadcast settings for a Recording.” 
  • Make sure to note or change the File path under Broadcast Settings.
  • Video settings (low quality): Settings > Video > Resolution downscale to 852 x 480 or less
  • Audio settings (low quality): Settings > Encoding > Channel: mono & Bitrate: 64 or lower
  • Audio settings (computer sound): Settings > Audio > Microphone/Auxiliary Device: Stereo Mix (for PC audio rather than microphone recording)
3. Then
  • Right click within the Sources box
  • Click Add > Game capture
  • Under Select application, select the game application you wish to record. If it isn’t listed, you need to run the program then Alt+Tab to the OBS program screen while the game is running. Then, the program will be listed in the drop down menu. If not, try clicking “Refresh.” After the game appears in the list once, it will appear again in the future whether the game is running or not. It will automatically capture the game content once the game begins running.
    • If you cannot get the recording to work using the steps above (it’s usually video card related), try changing the video card adapter or create a full screen capture source in place of the game capture source and then run the game windowed. If you game supports modding, you can look for a mod to make the game appear full screen even though it is actually windowed.
  • Click OK
4. Click Start Recording
5. Run the game
6. Click stop recording once finished
7. View the FLV files using VLC Player.

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