Julien’s Page

Basic info and our specific interactions

  • My teaching philosophy (rough draft)
  • Of the 10 semesters of being an AI, 5 of those had discussion sections (2.5 years)
  • I’ve also given 10 guest lectures during my time at IU
  • ~~~~~
  • We’ve known each other since SP2014 when I AI’d T316 – Media Ethics
  • In T316 my duties were to grade student papers, maintain attendance and participation grades, help develop and facilitate class activities, and provide guest lectures
  • In T316 I guest lectured on:
  • Everyday ethics: Bridging ethics and moral psychology
    • Evidence of active learning by using handouts, group activity, and text-message voting
    • This was on a day you were gone
    • I just tried to get them to think about applying all of our ethical theories to everyday situations
    • I had them really think about the difference between consequentialism and non-consequentialism by having half the class read one story about a moral violation and the other half read the same story but with 5 words changed to make punishment decisions focus on the outcome rather than the actor’s intent. Neither side knew the other had a different story but they had to recommend punishments. Once they settled on wildly divergent punishments, I revealed the differences between the stories they read to show the importance of consequentialism.
  • Video games as art: The ethics of pushing the envelope
    • Evidence of active learning via text-message voting and debate; also on helping students become cognizant media professionals
    • You saw this lecture
    • It was on violence; it started on basic game violence but ended on very sexually violent games asking where do content producers draw the line
    • The lecture relied on many videos and images of content, live text message voting, and discussion
    • I wanted to show them that no matter how progressive they were regarding freedom of speech, everyone has an ethical line and thus it’s difficult to condemn someone for having a different line than you do. As future media creators, they need to be cognizant of this reality.
  • Metacoverage: Issues and ethics
    • Evidence of somewhat active learning, mass communication effects, media literacy
    • You saw this brief lecture
    • It discussed journalism as the 4th estate and journalism coverage of existing journalism coverage as Metacoverage
    • It was only the Daily Show and the O’Reilly Report
    • I asked them to group up and come up with reasons why metacoverage was useful in a democracy or not using T316’s ethical foundations; then we debated the issue
  • Content analysis crash course
    • Evidence of methods teaching
    • You saw this lecture
    • It defined content analysis and showed them how to develop qualitative and quantitative categories to analyze Olympics coverage to assess how normative or sensational it was

Key words and letter info

  • Able to teach both large lecture and small seminar-style classes
  • Committed to student success by:
    • using active student learning (e.g., flipping the classroom to promote active learning in class)
    • Help students become critical thinkers
    • providing students with the tools they need for success as future professionals or scholars
  • Be a good advisor and mentor for students
    • Even after Ryder (the somewhat Autistic student) dropped the class, I met weekly with him to help him with his work in other classes
  • Work collegially with other faculty


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