Dream Weaver’s Page

Letter dates and locations

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Basic info and our specific interactions

  • My current CV
  • My cover letter (rough draft)
  • My research philosophy (rough draft)
  • My teaching philosophy (rough draft)
  • My service philosophy (rough draft)
  • My teaching effectiveness
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • The published version of Skill Gap (my thesis); the early version was accepted at NCA 2011
  • I AI’d your T317 Children and Media during SP2009 by myself (link to your evaluation of me; included in the teaching effectiveness evaluations)
  • I AI’d your T191 Race, Ethnicity, & Media FA2009 with Kristen Lindsley
  • We’ve known each other since SP2009 when I AI’d T317; the next semester I asked you to be my chair at the MA level and you’ve been my chair ever since
  • I’ve taken your Media Violence class and my proposal was on the violence in game ads which later turned into my thesis topic: skill gap
  • I’ve taken your Media Entertainment class and my proposal was on the enjoyment of moral ambiguity in media; it’s still a concept but it’s on my shortlist of next studies to run
  • After taking John’s class on morality you and I met with him and Torrin over the summer to discuss conceptualizing and forming the moral perspectives reading group. We started it one or two semesters later I believe.
  • We’ve done work on Moral Choice II together using Fable to observe how game narratives affect moral behavior in-game; this work was made into a panel and accepted at ICA 2014
  • We performed a survey to assess how moral foundations affect selective exposure to games with morality-related elements; our next step is an experiment manipulating box covers to see if people selectively expose to content that fits their MFQ
  • We have work in progress (previously under review) on construal level theory to better understand how processing (psychological distance) game violence affects aggression-related outcomes

My research

  • I research the processing and effects of video game violence
  • I’m interested in the intersection between moral psychology and media processing and effects
  • I often try to use evolutionary and social psychology to inform my work
  • I currently have 2 publications (one open access)
  • I have 1 published abstract
  • I have 3 articles under review
  • I’ve had 9 conference papers accepted (w/one award; see below)
  • I’ve had 3 conference panels accepted
  • I’ve been a research assistant for 3 semesters at IU (1.5 years)

My teaching

  • Of the 10 semesters of being an AI, 5 of those had discussion sections (2.5 years)
  • I’ve also given 10 guest lectures during my time at IU

My service

  • I’ve reviewed for the Cyberpsych, Networking, and Behavior journal twice
  • I’ve reviewed for the Human Ethology Bulletin journal once
  • I’ve reviewed for three different conferences
  • I’ve been the GPSO rep for one year
  • I’ve served the department in the following roles: faculty rep, webmaster for the ICR, faculty search committee rep, I lead an AI training session two years, I’ve meet with potential grad students and faculty at lennies for the last 5 semesters


  • I won the COAS diss fellowship ($20K)
  • I earned a 4 year merit fellowship ($1K per annum)
  • I won 2nd place student paper for MC&S at AEJMC in 2014 ($75)
  • I won a COAS travel award ($250)

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