Proseminar – Soyoung Bae & Rob Potter

Soyoung Bae

Better to be naked?

Motivated cognition and resource availability during Naked News

Soyoung from IU Telecom opened today’s T600 discussing her dissertation research on the online news program Naked News. Using Annie Lang’s cognitive processing model, LC4MP, and evolutionary psychology as related to gender, Soyoung investigated how the sexual content in Naked News influenced people’s processing of news information. Using secondary task reaction time (STRT) and cued recall measures, she found that people were generally more aroused and positively valenced toward naked news anchors. Additionally, people better remembered positive news stories due to the emotional congruence (i.e., appetitive activation toward both the anchor and the news content).

Robert Potter

Better to be “Boring”

Experimental Findings on the Effectiveness of Branded Mobile Phone Apps

Presenting in the final slot before Spring Break, IU Telecom’s Rob Potter shared with us the research he conducted while on sabbatical in Fremantle WA, a suburb within Perth Australia. There, he worked with the faculty and students in the Interactive Television Institute at Murdoch University. Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of persuasion, he investigated the effectiveness of branded mobile phone apps  that emphasized either functionality (e.g., Food Network’s recipe app) or experimentation (e.g., BMW’s Expression of Joy app; see the video below). He found that using any type of app increased your interest in the product category altogether but functional apps engendered central processing.