Proseminar – Mark Bell & Asta Z.

Mark Bell

We Are All Kinda Here: Collaborating in Virtual and Analog Environments

Today, Mark from IU Telecom shared his work that looked at the relationship between behavioral and perceptual measures of collaborative virtual presence in collaborative virtual environments. Working closely with Anne Massey of the Kelley School of Business, Mark developed a 3D cube puzzle that required two or more people to solve collaboratively within Second Life. Using eye-tracking and physiological measures, they aimed to quantify presence and recognize when people become removed from this state.

Asta Zelenkauskaite

Reconceptualizing Gatekeeping in Multimodal Contexts: The Case of Ialian Radiovision RTL 102.5

Following Mark, IU Telecom‘s Asta Zelenkauskaite presented the data she collected abroad. The primary focus of her work centered on the impact modern-day gatekeeping on user-generated content (UGC). Looking at the independent Italian radio station RTL 102.5 as a case study, she examined what types of UGC the station’s employees selected to disseminate. Her results confirmed only a handful of her hypotheses, which were outlined in accord with traditional gatekeeping research. Because of this, she concluded that interactive environments may need redefined rules regarding gatekeeping.