Proseminar – Stephanie DeBoer & Dong Kyun Kwak

Stephanie DeBoer

Things to Do with Asain Co-productions

This Friday was all about film. The first presentation was by Stephanie DeBoer of IU’s Communication & Culture (CMCL) department. By investigating how China is used as a place for movie production, Stephanie found that Asian co-production essentially follows a model boasting immense scale and speed, impressive images, and intense drama. She provided the 2006 movie A Battle of Wits as an example that that China is used like a landscape or backdrop. Specifically, rather than presenting an accurate reflection of China’s past, the film centers on a peaceful Maoist and is aimed to critique the Iraq war.

Dong Kyun Kwak

The rise and fall of VI

in the U.S. Movie Industry

For T600’s second presentation, IU Telecom’s Dong Kyun Kwak shared his current dissertation research. His inquiry explored the vertical integration (VI) of film distributors and exhibitors. Overall, he tracked the historical path of VI in the film industry, searched for evidence of favoritism by VI affiliates, and tried to identify the rise and fall of VI in the US. His central finding was that movies distributed by Paramount, the only surviving VI distributor, had a higher-than-average survival, and this occured for both VI exhibitors and otherwise.